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I allready travel in a lot of crountries so I can speak english and I can answer your questions.

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Sorry for my not very good English :)

Maëva Boissinot

Since I was young, animals have been my great passion, I loved taking pictures of them, studying them and drawing them. But the professors didn't like this, "Photography is an uncertain profession ...", "to get started in drawing, you have to know how to draw ..." ... So, I wish work with animals through science. Okay, I have a Bac Scientific but now what do I do ?


Maëva, you stop school, you continue to travel, you paint and you transmit!


So I work by harmonizing the animals and the spiritual.

What is a Shield of Power ?

A shield of power is different energies that one by one will create one. All energies are a bubble of protection, the different energies work together but also individually.

The totems or power shields will help you, your living spaces...

The shield of power can accompany your home, your place of work, your place of life, yourself, your nights, your workstation ...
Each animal, each symbol, each stone and each flower has an energy and all of this together forms an extraordinary all.

How I make This ?

The shields of power are entirely created and purified by me.

They carry all the energies of a stone, an essential oil, an animal skin and a totem animal or the symbol represented on.

I make shields, totems or key rings from A to Z. I assemble the different materials always in conscience. I do not always decide which skin will represent what because indeed this one has a particular energy.

The animal skins I use have been given rituals before they reach my hands. The communities thanked the animals for their gratitude for donating their skins and meats. I also thank the animal when I paint because thanks to his character and his energy he helps us.